lunedì 25 febbraio 2008

Number Theory and Physics

In the last years, a new interest in merging scientific knowledge from different disciplines, has come up. For examples a very interesting thing are the emerging connections between Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness, and biology in general.
More strange are the connections between two such fields as Number Theory and Physics. Loosely speaking, number theory (NT) can be viewed as a big game where the starting rule is: given two symbols 0 and 1 and some algebraic operations (+,*,...), we can build, for example, all the natural numbers n. The scope of the game is to find regular structures, connections, theorems,... arising in this game. Prime Numbers are the most fascinating of such structures, and some of the facts about such numbers are still a mystery (one for all, Riemann Hypothesis). However what have this numbers, and other facts about NT, have in common with Physics?
Well, if you are interested in such questions, the best place on the web to begin with is Matthew Watkin's web site, a very funny place.

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